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I'm looking at buyinga 2003 used Ford Focus SVT that is 3 hrs away from me. The seller tells me that he is a mechanic and he has done the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, and spark plugs, wires.

He does say that it has a small coolant leak and he's not sure if its the head gasket or thermostat housing. I know that these cars are known to have thermostat housing leaks, and this can be fixed by upgrading to a used SVT contour thermostat housing. However, I have never looked under the hood of a SVT and have no concept of what is located where in relation to the other parts.

The mechanic says that at first he thought the leak was a leaky water pump, and he replaced the water pump a second time because he thought the water pump part he just put in was defective. The leak continued. He says the leak is dripping down in the "Water pump area" up behind the pulley and alternator. With this description, does this sound like its coming from where the thermostat housing would be? Or is this likely to be a head gasket leak? Obviously I'm ok with making the 3 hr drive one way to get the car if its just the thermostat housing, but am not interested in a car with a head gasket leak.

Thank you for your help!
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