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I noticed yesterday morning, that I had left a reasonable amount fo coolant on my driveway. Upon inspection I noticed that there were some drips collecting on a couple of hoses under the car.

So I popped the bonnet and ran my hands around the hoses and found that there appeared to be water collecting on the pipe which I've highlighted in my pictures.

My water level has dropped below the minimum... I'll be topping it up on the way home ;-)

Just looking at it, there appears to be a reasonable amount of calcification in the area, so it points to a leak certainly. I'm assuming (or hoping) that it's simply a perished hose.

So I thought I'd run it past you guys, see what you thought....

Any help would be greatly appreciated of course!

Note 1: The last picture is taken with the camera up against the radiator pointing slightly upwards to the underside of the suspect hose.
Note 2: It was a wet day when I took these photos, so the water on the ground is simply rain... Just thought I'd mention that!


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