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Contour temp sensor housing

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So i swapped out the temp sensor housing to the 2000 contour housing to fix the freeze plug leak, well that leak is fixed but now the new housing is leaking! How tight am i supposed to toghten the three forward facing bolts? they seem pretty tight but I'm still getting a leak at the bottom bolt... do i need to seal it with a rtv of some sort? New thermostat oring? I put in a new 180* temp and oring about 500 miles ago so it shouldn't be bad so this confuses me.
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Could simply be one of the two hoses shown there, they commonly leak to where you swear the housing is when it's not. Most especially the lower hose. Seen it several times. Looks just like the pic.

The appearance of crack there is only a mold of a relief cut made to get the bolt flat there. Many have that mark.

One either understands that the o-ring can tighten no further than what the bolt goes down to hit solid, or they don't. Any overtighten there is loved by Mr. Ford (more sales!) when you crack the part trying to get the seal tighter when it will NEVER do that, a failure to understand the sealing method used there. The bolts tighten till the hit, then only enough more to make sure they do not come loose. Any further tighten does nothing but break things.

Try another brand o-ring, I've run across some that I did not think were thick enough. Or stat main plate too thin too.
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