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Hi All,

I'm sure this is an easy question for some, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere :(

I recently bought and installed the Alpine IDA-X100. Lovely bit of kit, so I decided to I wanted to hook it up to my steering column controls. I went out and bought the AutoLeads PC99-X07 harness that has the steering column adapter, and hooked it up to my car cables. All good to that point.

However, to use this harness with the unit you need a further adapter to connect the harness to the unit itself. I found PC99-ALP being the alpine one; however this is apparently not for use with units newer than 2007. The X100 is a 2008 unit, so this adapter won't work by the looks of things.

So basically I have no idea how I'm supposed to hook up my unit's steering control cables to the AutoLeads adapter.

Looking around here it seems a few people have hooked up the unit to their Focus - can anyone advise on what adapter I would need? Is there a new version of the PC99-ALP for newer alpine units?


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