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Concave wheels

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Looking to see if anyone is running this type of wheel on their MK1. Like the looks on other cars so I'm trying to find a set for my SVT. Thanks for the help
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Best comment I can make is to look at the "Mustang Wheels" threads to see what works & the mods. needed to use them.

FWD cars use the flatter outside appearance wheels because of the offset needed to make the wheels fit properly over the front steering knuckle. Poking the wheels out changes steering geometry & the loads on the bearings, so you get a change in "feel" and reduction in bearing life.

Focus hasn't been too bad on the bearing life issue with a moderate "poke", and I haven't seen complaints about the higher steering force required for typical mods. done. I didn't mind the "Go-Cart" feel that resulted when I tried this on another car, turning off center requires more effort & it tries to straighten out harder. (paid for it on that one with more bearing replacements needed)
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