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Location: Anthem, Arizona (North Phoenix area)

Competition Orange 2003 Ford Focus SVT EAP
One of only 301 Produced​

Selling this fun daily driver as my son is closing in on 16 and my wife insists he is not going to have this as his first car! Yes, I am serious. This is a 154,xxx mile Arizona SVT that is not only rust free, but well taken care of. Please consider the following:

Engine rebuilt by MACH Development, a high-end race engine builder, at 130,000 miles. The rebuild included:
• Custom built forged Diamond Racing Pistons, built to SVTF specs except slightly more compression due to shallower radius on the dish and 1mm top & second ring (stock is 1.2mm). Retained high efficiency SVTF piston design, SVT compression height & rod ratio.
• Total Seal Piston Rings with Bull-Nosed top rings, Napier second rings and low-tension oil rings.
• Honed to 85mm cylinder bores.
• Tech-Line coatings applied to piston crowns (thermal barrier) & piston skirts (solid film lubricant).
• ARP rod bolts.
• ARP cylinder head studs.
• Factory reconditioned SVT rods.
• New Clevite (standard) bearings.
• New timing belt.
• Purchased all new Ford SVTF intake and exhaust valves, applied performance valve job; back-cut valves, radius cut seats, blueprinted stem heights / tappet or bucket clearances.
• CFM billet thermostat housing w/ 180* thermostat.
• New water pump.
• New IMRC Module
• New SVT Ford fuel pump.
• New Engine break-in procedure was Joe Gibbs Break-in oil with Rotella oil for first 5,000 miles then Mobile 1 synthetic 5w-30w every 5,000 miles thereafter.
• Previously installed K&N drop in element to factory air intake system.
• Previously installed CFM 67mm throttle body.
• Previously installed CFM 140 amp alternator.
• Tom’s Tune with programmer set for 91-octane fuel. SCT Tuner included.

• Clutch Masters Stage IV clutch assembly. Lightweight (7.5#) aluminum flywheel, 6-puck ceramic clutch disc, increased pressure plate rate.
• CFM short-throw shifter.
• Mustang SVT shift knob.
• Recently replaced right front axle assembly.
• Factory SVTF header (not all banged up)
• CFM 2 ½” stainless flex pipe
• CFM 50-state hi-flow cat
• CFM poly exhaust mounts
• Remainder is factory. Sounds great!
• Adjustable Koni Yellow shocks all around.
• Eibach front and rear sway bars w/ poly mounts. I have original sway bars.
• Rear Stress Bar
• Replaced all coil springs SVT original.
• Ingalls Torque Dampener "Spiffy" installed.
• CFM Poly lower “dog bone” mount (all other factory motor mounts have been replaced).
• Michelin Pilot Super Sport 225/45RZx17 on factory EAP wheels.
• Recent lower control arm’s with new ball joints and upper strut mounts.
• Recent front wheel bearings.

For those that don’t know what an EAP SVT Focus is:
• EAP – European Appearance Package (optional on SVT Focus)
• Factory I-4 DOHC 16V 2.0L 170 HP
• 6-speed Getrag manual transmission
• 4wd brakes 11.8” / 11.0” rotors.
• 17” wheels - 17 spoke wheels in lieu of 5-spoke SVT wheels.
• HID headlights.
• Factory moonroof.
• Recaro Leather seating and door panels in lieu of cloth.
• Heated Recaro seats, heated mirrors, block heater, rear defrost.
• Factory 10” subwoofer.
• Traction Control defeat button.
This and that:
A total pleasure to drive. Better than factory handling and acceleration. I imagine greater improvements can be found with increased coil spring suspension rates or lowered ride height, but I’m not willing to trade for the comfort and road clearances you would lose.
Never in an accident. All original body parts and paint.
Just passed Arizona emissions test May 2015.
New wipers all around. New front windshield May 2015.
New clutch master cylinder May 2015. New Ford +/- battery cables June 2015.
Interior is in pristine condition. A/C is ice cold which of course is really important here in Arizona. I have replaced the factory stereo once but it’s finicky on taking or ejecting CD’s (this is a 6 CD unit) so I don’t play CD’s anymore. Factory speakers and factory subwoofer are awesome sounding.
The wires for the driver side seat heater severed on the seat back hinge. Worked great before that happened. One fog light is out of commission.
Paint shines but has rock chips at the front and previous owner must have pissed off his girlfriend because there is light key damage. Tape stripes were dealer installed and change refraction with different lighting. I can’t imagine there is a more rust-free example anywhere unless Ford has a new one hidden in a museum.
I’m placing this SVT FOR SALE but not ON SALE. As you can see, I have a bunch of money wrapped up in this SVT. I have a book of receipts from not only me but also the prior owner. I’m afraid to total the expenditures but the fun factor has been priceless for the last four years of ownership. Now it’s somebody else’s turn.
All questions answered here at Focus Forums but for faster response please call Jeff @ 6oh2-4one8-9seven9seven. Thank you.


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I miss living down there at times. I used to live in Chandler(774 W. Hopi dr)

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Thanks for the compliments.
I just removed my email address as I've already received two inquiries from scammers ("I'll take it! I'll send my shipping company to pick it up..."). I'm so tired of internet scammers and thieves. Just get a real job and quit trying to get something for nothing.
Here's a tip for honest Buyers. Have the Seller in front of whatever he's selling with a copy of that days newspaper. The object for sale and the dated newspaper should be clearly evident. These a-holes will lift your images off the net and try to sell the item as it it were their's.
I'll get off my soap box now...
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