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coil pack and wires/ udp

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ok i have 2 questions

i want to know the pros and cons of the udp and is there really a big difference in it.

also is there really a need to get a coil pack and wires or should i just get some wires to dress up my engine??

thats all im really trying to do right now squeeze out that extra n/a hp and dress up the motor.
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Wire/coil/plugs - Pros: In theory, a better coil and thicker/better insulated wires will deliver more electricity to the plugs, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel/air mixture in your engine which should result in lower emissions, better fuel economy, and better hp. In practice, while there may be a difference, I would have to estimate it as being neglible - but that never keeps me from doing it anyway.
CONS: price.

UDP - Pros: UDPs work in two ways, first by being substantially lighter than the pulley you're replacing, thus reducing the rotational mass of the pulley and therefore the effort required by the engine to rotate the pulley, and second by changing the size of the pulley, thus reducing the torque required to rotate the pulley by changing the length of the lever arm (distance from center of pulley to outside edge where torque is applied - you physics gurus can help me out/correct me on this). This all means that the engine doesn't have to do as much work and hp should be freed, and your idle speed will likely drop.
CONS: It's called an underdrive pulley because it results in under-driving everything attached to the accessory belt. This means that your alternator will produce less electricity, your A/C won't blow as cold, etc... However, this is typically only noticable at idle, and often isn't noticable at all. Other cons - price, effort required to install, and minimal hp gains (maybe 2-3 at best).

Personally, I run a UDP that claims to underdrive accessories by around 20%. I've never noticed flickering lights even at idle with 2-12" 400W subs blasting. However, I do notice that the A/C doesn't blow cold air while I idle. Also, my idle dropped about 200 RPM after install.
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i got an msd coild and taylor wires and i also replaced the plugs w ngk double plats and i felt a tiny difference...most likely my mind saying it feels something to justify wasting all that money...i would say dont waste ur money on the coil/wires unless ur coild is bad already

also, i installed udp's and i noticed the car seems to rev quicker...that coupled w the fc gets into the revs w just a tap of the foot...i havent had any problems and its actually helped my idle...but my idle was for s**t before...they've been on for almost a month
I have a UDP on mine (Esslinger). Personally, the throttle response is much better compared to stock. As far as lights flickering, yeah, I do notice that at times, but it's only when I'm at idle/ at a stop. I think if you get a chip, you can get your idle increased a little to compensate the low idle.

Just get a good set of wires, it should be good enough (and cheaper).

Good luck and have fun!
Coil pack and wires. Not only will u dress it up like your going for youll notice more of a difference
I just installed my FocusCentral underdrive pulley set today (WP and Crank). I can definitely notice a difference in throttle response and feels like it jumps from a dead-stop much better than before.

As for overall power increase, I can tell a small difference but nothing to get excitied about.

It really wasn't that hard to install either, I do recommend a partner and if possible use a lift. Mine took about 25 min to install, that included wiping up the power steering fluid I made a mess with ...
There is a group buy on TeamZX2 on UDPs, it is smaller than the other ones offered for our car Only $85. There are only a couple spots left unless you guys get him to make a larger batch.

I am getting one.

I also replaced my coil/wires with MSD coil/wires.

I have a SVT coil with stock and Nology Hotwires available. PM me if interested.
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