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Coil over vs. regular suspension

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I am absolutely positive that this has been asked before but i couldn't find it using the search function so can someone link me to a thread that discusses all the differences, pros/cons to spring+strut/shock vs. coil over and how it all works?


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Unfortunately, the inexpensive coil-over systems, don't provide much in the way of performance improvements. These systems use a spring mount or seat on a threaded shock/strut body. While they're effective at reducing ride height that's about it. Using them to raise ride height is ineffective because it compresses the spring and results in the loss of suspension travel. In reality, a quality non-adjustable lowering spring and adjustable shock like a Koni or KYB AGX would be better a better solution than some of these cheaper coil-over options. If the main intent of having a coil-over system is for height control then a coilover system with an adjustable length shock body is preferred over those with just a spring adjustment. Understand that these latter systems will be more expensive but will provide much better tuning and adjustment options. Most of these are referred to as triple adjustable 1) separate height adjustment, 2) separate spring adjustment, and 3) shock valving adjustment.
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