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Coil on plug wires?

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2.3 duratec PZEV ZTS.. I understand the new coil on plug system for the most part. Doesn't use the traditional spark plug wires.. but shouldn't you still change the wires it does use? the ones in my car are looking pretty poor, should they be changed? and if so, where do you get them from? haven't had any luck finding them.
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No (secondary voltage) wires to change on your car.

Under the COP is a rubber boot; inside the boot is a long spring; that spring is the only item that carries secondary spark plug voltage-> aka, what the old style "spark plug wires" carry. The COP boots do age, sometimes have damage, can "leak" secondary voltage, and will need to be replaced. You can buy new boots (includes the spring) for less than $10 a piece.
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