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I dropped my car off at Phil Long Ford on the north end of Colorado Springs, they had the car from 10am - 4pm (problem never solved and out 100+ bucks), and when I got it back.....

my iPod was missing!!!

I know you will say that its my fault for leaving it in there, and well yeah that may be part true...I feel ya....really.

I mentioned to the service guy that it wasnt there, before leaving...he told me to check the glovebox and under the seats. He ran into the garage to check with whoever worked on my car and came out empty handed, telling me again to check everywhere and also at home.

I showed him that it is located in the tray under my stereo, and there was no reason for it to be removed....but i didnt want to tstart being a dick, so I told him i would go home and check.

got home...found nothing, as expected.

called him back and they gave me the run around, "I told my manager, we will keep an eye out for it and the Lost and Found has been informed."

Today I am going to file a report at the Police Dept and contact the Better Biz Bureau .

Just rememer that you shouldnt take any faith in these guys. I trusted them and was taken for a fool. Guess i will completely clear my car out from here on out, before dropping it for service.
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