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clutch issues

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I have a 2005 focus wagon with manual transmission. It has 55,000 mostly highway miles on it and yesterday I was unable to get it into gear after stopping at an intersection. The engine still ran, but I heard a popping sound before I found that it would not engage. Long story short - when I got to the dealer and they looked at it, the service technician said that the two lines between the master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder had rubbed against one another, due to the vibratios of the road, resulting in a leak. He checked an said that this was not covered by the extended warranty that I purchased. The repair costs will amount to about $320 in addition to the cost of the vehicle that I have had to rent. Does this sound legitimate or is it a design issue that has created this problem? Any thoughts as to steps I should take with Ford or the dealer?
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Wow, another wagon with a stick !! We are few and far between.

I have not heard of that as an issue with the focus, sounds like a fluke, sucks that warranty doesn't cover it, but see if they will at least give you the rental free or at cost.. Mine has almost 60k with no issues.
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