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Well I think I am going to be doing this myself soon. I plan on replacing the following-
1.) PP
2.) Clutch Disk
3.) TO bearing
4.) Install Fidanza Flywheel
5.) Rear Main Seal
6.) Getrag seals near the CV shafts and perhaps on the input shaft.
7.) Can/should the CVs be repacked with grease?

Does anyone have the part numbers for those seals? The reason why I am replacing the rear main is because I noticed a tiny bit of seepage coming out near the bell housing. I tried tracing the oil and it could be coming from the valve cover grommets but I doubt it. With the tranny off the car it should be pretty easy to replace...

I'd like to change the CV seals because it seems like cheap insurance. From my experiences these things like to start to leak from time to time and that would be really bad on this tranny that's so difficult to get parts for.

What do you guys think?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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