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So this is what happened. Raised car a bit by installing the FRPP lowering springs. Was originally on sport lines. After the install. I forgot about the primary dip on our street that was necessary to go slow over with the SL springs. Well I hit the dip faster than I should have and it hit fairly hard. [?|][?|][?|] Son was like [chair][chair][chair]I have identified what hit/scraped. It was the header near where it turns.

After the hit there was an audible click during acceleration and deceleration. This click disappeared over the summer. Is that because of AC use and the windows being up or because the heat of the summer made whatever is clicking stop, I do not know(Rehetorical Question). [dunno][dunno] Either way I would like to identify this click as it is back and is very annoying and probably not a good thing anyway.

It is a single click only on each up shift or downshift and anytime I accelerate or decelerate without shifting say on the highway.

My primary suspect is the exhaust but being that I do not have a lift and can't recreate the noise while under the car. What specifically should I be looking at/for. Car is 3 hours away and will be coming home over next weekend. Son has the car at school. I will be looking at exhaust and the dog bone engine mount. Can anyone give me ideas on any other things to look at or tighten?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as he will only be home for the weekend and I will not have much time to screw around....
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