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I drive a Volvo (my daughter has the Focus) that I bought used and it came with one key. The dealer wanted $60 for the key and $150 for the "complex" process of programming it. I spent months calling around trying to find someone who had the software to program the keys. No joy.

My solution was to buy some blanks off Ebay for about $30 for four.. I found a locksmith who could cut the so called laser cut keys. $25 each to cut them.

I then pulled the ring antenna out of a dead Volvo. The ring antenna goes around the ignition key cylinder and reads the chip. I disconnected the harness from the existing ring antenna, leaving it in place to fill up the hole, plugged the replacement antenna into the harness, zip tied the original key to it, and found a place to tuck the key/antenna combination.

Now the car thinks that a proper programmed key is in place so it will start with any key that will turn the lock. Total cost to me for four keys was $130 and some time.

I don't know if Fords work the same way but it is a thought.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts