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I already find the Thread about throttle body cleaning.

So I can spray the inside of throttle body, can I spray the outside as well?
I know I have to stay away from the TBS plug, avoid directly spraying on it, is that correct?

Can I spray the spring part? or that will remove the grease and make it work funny?

Should I replace the throttle body gasket?
Is those in Auto part store which cost about $2 work fine?
because the ford stock throttle body gasket is about $10...


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The spring shouldn't have any oil or grease on it... keep brake fluid away from all electrical items/wires/plugs if I were you I would remove the Throttlebody to clean it.. aswell as remove the TPS from the side of it.. once thats off its fine to saturate it in brake fluid

reason why i say clean it off the intake is all the gunk you clean will end up running down the intake
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