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check engine light

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Hi, I bought a 2002 focus just today but before I picked it my friend called me to say the engine light had come on, all he did was to fill it up with gas , topped it up with oil and got it washed but before he done this the engine light was not on , any ideas....thanks
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'Free" scan can be useful, but not very if you don't get the exact number to look up the description.

Limited description often given can lead you down the wrong path, resulting in replacing parts not needed & often not achieving a repair.

Can't always afford tools, but with inexpensive alternatives avail. this one can save more than it's cost in one repair.

One time when I can actually suggest Harbor Freight as more than adequate. Had a repair this year that would have taken a dozen trips for a "free" reading before fixed. Dirt cheap in the end with the scan tool handy.
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