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Changing cooling hoses

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Hi guys,

I've decided to change all my water hoses, since I had them rupture in three different places over this spring. I'm almost done with this project - I have two hoses left to change. Except, I cannot figure out how to take off the clamp that's on the engine inlet opening - it's very hard to access and clamp is turned in such a way that I cannot grab it with the pliers or turn it with screwdriver. Does anyone have tips on how this may be accomplished without having to take off the steering pump. Is it possible to break apart the clamp somehow? (I do have a new hose with new clamps).

Thanks in advance,
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Wel, the best way would be to use one of the many flexible joints and/or right angle screw drivers that almost always can get to a screw or bolt. Depening upon the amoutn of access you have, you could always use an mototool and a cutting wheel to carefully cut through the clamp, making sure you did not cut into the mouting surface, but you really should not have to do this if you use some ingenuity and the right angle screwdriver or flexible socket on the clamp.

P.S. In the worst case, you can always use a hacksaw blade, with some tape wrapped around one end as a handle, to cut it off. It take patience and, as I said, you must be careful not to cut anything other than the clamp and the hose.
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