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Hi guys, got an old 2005 focus mk2 that I use as a runabout. What's started happening is the alarm fob turns the alarm off but doesn't unlock the doors anymore, so if u use the key in the door it unlocks only that door too.

Had a really embarrassing moment at the gas station. Couldn't open the fuel cap because it was locked. Can't get the boot open either. Eventually it unlocked - locking and unlocking from the inside on the passenger side seemed to trigger the central locking sometimes (very intermittent).

Also I noticed as I was driving down the road the locks click on and off all by them self a couple of times.

I checked the fuse, tested the battery and checked for error codes nothing came up.

I could live without central locks but if it gets any worse I may never get the fuel cap to open again.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of putting a new battery in, but the fact the issue is still there even with the car running I think rules that out.

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