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I know the stapler spring fix was just posted but I thought I would share my fix for the broken latch

Take off the top and dissassemble (it's 2 screws to remove 6 to split apart. very easy).

I used 2 pilot g-2 pens (I used 2 springs for a stronger latch)
Separated the latch from the top and propped up as seen. filled the "V" with JB Weld and inserted the springs to stand at an angle.

Cut a space for the springs to sit in the not-quite-leather.

Put it back together and used a pocket screwdriver to press the springs into the slot

Re-install and enjoy!

PS: Yes those are SVT Recaros. Once I get the heated seats wired up I will post a how to install them into the mk1.5 zx3/5/w


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