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So I've been working on cars for half my life so usually it's pretty easy for me to spot what went wrong with one of my vehicles. Yesterday I was driving down the freeway when I heard a pop followed by what sounded like an exhaust leak. Roughly 10-15 seconds later the low oil pressure light came on. Naturally I killed the car and coasted it off the freeway to prevent any more damage to it. I checked the oil and in fact it did not have any oil. Or at least it was more than 2 quarts low. I did the oil change a couple thousand miles ago but it doesn't burn oil so this was my first red flag. Yes I do check it regularly because my ranger currently eats oil so i'm always curious. Examining the underside of the car we found zero oil leaks. I mean the damn thing is spotless under there. I want to know where all this oil went. I haven't had time yet to do a full inspection, which i'm dreading at the moment, but was wondering if anyone has ever heard or experienced this issue before. I've looked through the forums a bit and currently have found nothing on this issue.

2010 Ford Focus SEL 2.0L with 73xxx original miles.
It's also a CA PZEV Model if that makes a difference to anyone.

Thanks in advance.
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