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Car Vibration/HID problems

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Okay so I am new to the forum and new to owning a Focus, it is a 2008 SES coupe, it vibrates at idle or whenever I am at a stop light, I took it to a mechanic and they said nothing was wrong they do that and its normal? The car doesnt throw any codes and drives good otherwise, like I drove 4 hours on Saturday and there was no issue. So far it is just something I have been ignoring since I got it checked.

Now for my HIDS - I installed myself (no wonder there is an issue lol) a H13 kit with the harness and relay etc. The car sometimes has two headlights on but sometimes it only has one, also sometimes they are on when I put the cark in park or other times they shut off? Is that a fuse? Daytime running light issue? At first I thought the balast but why would it only work sometimes that would mean it isnt burned? I can only think it isnt getting consistant power and I am not sure why. How would I fix this? Like this morning when I left for work both turned on and they flickered like twice but once I left my house and started driving they were 100%
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Does it vibrate more when cold?

If so it's prob. the pass. side motor mount, Ford brand only recommended for replacement.

(you can jack the engine slightly when it vibrates to see it that disappears to confirm - use a board!)

MkII section has more threads on aftermarket lights & their problems.
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