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Car missing when something gets wet on engine

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I have a 2003 zx5 2.0 zetec. When it rains the car misses on 1 cyclinder. Haven't been able to figure this one out. New plugs, wires, ignition coil.. Also my backup lights are not working. I have voltage at the fuse but no voltage at the back up lights. Where is the back up light switch located so I can jump it out and test it ?
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I don't know if the US models have the same issue as the ones in Europe but over here, the windscreen washer seats do not seal properly with the bonnet and let water reach the engine bay where the spark plugs go in. This can cause all sorts of problems from engine misfire to seized plugs. If this is the case with your vehicle, you will see water and rust in the spark plug area. You may either replace the washer jets with a modified version from Ford or seal the ones you have with sealant. This is what I did with mine - I removed them, applied a clear gasket sealant, put them back in, wiped off the excess and problem gone. The sealant I used was this one -

Hope this helps. Cheers
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