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car creaks when going over bumps

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I have an 02 focus, when I go over bumps the suspension creaks or squeaks. Is this something to worry about? Is this a sign that something is about to go on my suspension? I think its only coming from the front, but I'm not positive. Any suggestions?
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..bringing up this old one...

This actually started sometime earlier this year, don't exactly remember when, just started out of the blue. It is coming from the front suspension on both sides. It just creaks when I go over bumps, at low speeds, or when I turn a corner, or when I slow down and the front of the car lowers a little from compression. I checked the struts by putting all my weight over each one and jumping off, they return to normal right away, so I don't think its those. I got underneath it today and was checking around, no leaking, nothing seemed loose, afaik. I was looking online today an found that the sway bar end links could be the problem, but I'm not sure how I check to make sure. Anyone have some suggestions??
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