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car alarm installation?

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alright im planning on buying one but getting it installed is way to expensive.. so has anyone ever done it? how hard is it? or better just get it installed?
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yup i went to best buy and they have one for 249 installed, but for key less entry and remote trunk is another 80 to install :(.. its kina expensive with tax and stuff
i pretty much meant after the alarm would be installed only hocking up the doors and remote trunk? would this be hard?
ill add to that too, since i work at best buy

the basic labor is free, but there will still be extra parts and extra labor to purchase if you also get the remote start

you will need a bypass module, most likely the xk04, and you will need to pay for the bypass install on the remote start portion

if you do buy from best buy, the best alarm will be a two way paging system, which comes with the remote start feature

so as long as your car is an automatic, youre good for that too
i have a manual.. thats another problem.. so im just thinking going with only an alarm.. coz i almost never leave the on neutral.. just in case.. so it would be pointless..
alright, thx for help :) im gonna save up over next couple of weeks and install one
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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