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Can you help identify this hose?

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I have a crack in what I think is the rad hose however not sure if upper or lower 2004 Ford Focus
last 8 digits of VIN 4W120057
3 pics from Macro view to micro. The crack is visible in the black rubber hose behind the aluminum crimped hose. Looking for a part number to order. Lordco was unable to identify and brought in 2 wrong hoses!!! Thank you!


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I just replaced one of these. If you can, get one with a molded Y connection. The one I bought was a T using clamps, and it didn't line up 100 per cent--the lowest hose was a little kinked. I think because the T was a 90 degree, while the original molded connection had a tighter angle on one side.

Also, there is no room to get the clamp off the water pump outlet. I had to sneak it off by first chopping the hose off, then rotating the left over stub while pulling on it until I could get the clamp to come off. Use worm/screw drive clamps, also known as jubilee clips or clamps when reinstalling. Access can be had from above with an extension to tighten it up.
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