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I just bought (yesterday) a 2005 ZX4 ST 5MT. This morning I went to the local U-pull-it yard and snagged a power steering pump and some good side mirrors.

While I was there I spotted a crashed 2014 Mk3 Focus Hatch with the 2.0 Duratec. I'm curious if those front seats fit the Mk1.5 chassis? I understand that I will have to swap the seatbelts and airbags. If the rails don't fit is it possible to swap the seat rails and keep the Mk1.5 rails and put them on the Mk3 seats?

My car has heated seats. Is the heating pad removable and swappable? I haven't seen a focus seat "de-skinned". This is my first focus.

Also, this car had a perfect intake that was already off the car (someone dropped the motor out to take the trans) and I was wondering (since it's also a duratec) does this IM fit my 2.3 and would it be of any benefit?

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