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CAI not working :[

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purchased a cold air intake from Pep Boys, installed many times and done everything to get it to work but just doesnt seem to work. Everything was hooked up correctly, reset the ECU and everything. Do i need a proper tune for my focus (2000 ZX3) or what? The problems i have are the car struggling to breathe and eventually the engine dies... PLEASE HELP PM me or anything. thank you
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yes. my friend who is good with cars that drives a impreza WRX all modded out couldnt figure out the problem. hes conclusion was i dont have my car "tuned" the right way...idk...dont understand why im having such a problem when its like the simplest thing to install etc for a car.
like the whole time, it would sound like something kept stepping on the gas and letting go, like reving the engine continuously. The whole car would rock with it too and act like it couldnt get enough air. When driven, you had to press the gas down really far until you were pretty much flooring it and it would finally start to accelerate. If left idling it would eventually die. I reset the ECU many times. When turned on after all the gauges went all the way up and mileage was reset so... im new too this and have done everything
you think? we took off that tube leading from the engine to the airbox and custom made it into the intake, still no luck.
ok so remove airbox and what do i do with the tube running from the engine to the airbox? is that a sensor or what? and what is weather stripping?
i know but there is a tube running from the engine to my airbox. if i remove the airbox what do i do with that tube?
nah the MAF is in fine. i promise.
wow thanks for all the help and replys everyone i really appreciate this help. So from reading all this i think ive concluded that the MAF housing tube is too big, therefor too much air flow than my MAF can read? Can i use the MAF housing from the stock box?
the filter cone wont fit on the right side of the MAF housing. it comes out on both sides like long wings of a plane :[ solution?
ahhhh, alright. guess ill czech Pep Boys within the next few days. I love you all thanks!
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