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The following links will direct you (some external links, some on FocusFanatics) to the various HOW TO’s that I have found pertaining to modding, maintenance and replace/repair of parts on the common focus. My goal is to have a complete list of every ‘how to’ out there for the focus. I have yet to see on ANY focus site a very extensive list of ‘how to’ articles until now.

Please read over the note below……

Warning: Neither Focus Fanatics nor its Members may be held responsible for the outcome of performing such a modification to ones car. Such acts are performed at ones own risk, and sole responsibility must be assumed. This may include, but not limited to, the voiding of the vehicles factory warranty.

Note: The HOW TO LINKS to the teamfocus website are somewhat back up, via an 'archived' link. When you click these HOW TO's, you have to HIGHLIGHT the entire page to be able to 'view the text' otherwise it will look like a blank webpage.

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Engine Components and Performance Articles

Air Intakes

AEM Cold Air Intake Installation Instructions
AEM Short Ram Intake Installation Instructions
AEM SVT Cold Air Intake Installation Instructions
Airbox Resonator Removal Instructions
BlazingCopper_ZX3's Stealth Cold Air Intake for the 2005 and up Focus
Iceman Intake Installation Instructions
K&N Drop in Filter Replacement Instructions
MAC Short Ram Intake Installation Instructions
Making an Iceman ‘Clone’ Intake
Making a Heat Shield for Short Ram Intakes
Replacing Stock Air Filter Instructions
Stealth CAI (Duratec) by jhurst747
SVT Snorkle Installation Instructions
Volant and SVT Snorkle Installation Instructions

Engine and Powertrain Components

AEM Cam Gear Installation Instructions
Accessory Drive Belt Replacement Instruction (SPI)
Accessory Drive Belt Replacement Instructions (Zetec)
Adjusting Shift Cables (MTX75 Trans) Instructions
Aftermarket Cat Back System Installation Instructions
Aftermarket Plug Wire Installation Instructions
Alternator Clip How To by SVTFucus
Amsoil Dual Remote Bypass Filter Installation Instructions
ATX Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
ATX Remove & Replace with Pics by illinipo
B&M Short Throw Shifter Installation Instructions
Brad's Fan Modification Instructions by W~Phoenix~{RC}
Broken DSI Clip Fix Instructions by sleestak
Camshaft Installation and/or Removal Instructions
Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement by pokeySVT
Coolant Leak / 'O' Ring Replacement Instructions by bryanjw82
DIABLO Chip Installation Instructions
DPFE Service and Repair Instructions
Dyno-mite High Output Coil on Plug Install by auzzie
FocusCentral 65mm Trottle Body Installation Instructions
FocusSport Under Drive Pulley Installation Instructions
FocusSport Driver’s Side Engine Mount Installation Instructions
Fuel Filter Replacement Instructions
Fuel Pump Replacement by ..:: sleestak ::..
Fuel Rail and/or Injector Removal / Replacement Instructions
Gas Pedal Cable Replacement Instructions
General AC Troubleshooting and Repair by whynotthinkwhynot
Improving Chasis Ground Point Instructions
Ingalls Engineering 'Stiffy' Installation by 03OrangeSVT
Intake Manifold / Replace IAC Valve Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions
Intake Manifold Removal and PCV - Duratec by blueoval23
JBA Shorty Header Installation Instructions
Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump Installation by focusguy87
Lunchbox Removal Instructions by BradWhite
Mechanical CEL Fix for a Header by SYZ
PCV House Changing Instructions by trailbikerider
Replace ECT Sensor by FormerSpeeder
Replacing the Thermostat and Housing Instructions
Screaming Demon Coil and Live Wires Installation Instructions
SCT Chip Installation Instructions - Page 1
SCT Chip Installation Instructions - Page 2
Setting DOHC Timing by ztecpower
Solutions for the 65mm TB 'Sticking' Problem by S2
Spark Plug Wire Loom (ZipStrap) Trick by b16sir1991
6 Speed Swap Information by CDSilver5DoorSVT
SPI Accel Coil Pack Upgrade Installation Instructions
SPI Screaming Demon Coil and Livewire Installation Instructions by waterboy
SPI Shorty Header Installation Instructions
SPI Throttle Body Swap with Modified Mustang Throttle Body Installation Instructions
SPI Timing Belt Replacement by untenops
Starter Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
SVT Timing Belt Replacement How-To_Ford Manual
SVT CFM DSI Billet Clip Install by SVTF200487
SVT Getrag Transmission Flush by BlackJack03
SVT Header Install by lildisco
SVT IMRC DSI Intake Manifold Upgrade for 'Zetec' Engines by focituner
SVT LSD Differential Install by scrammer
SVT Ram Air Duct with Pipercross Style by c9ollie
SVT Short Shifer Installation Instructions by WD40
SVT Traction Control Kill Switch Installation Instructions
Transmission, Common Problems and Solutions by aokrongly
Under Drive Pulley Installation Instructions
Valve Cover Gasket and VCT Solenoid Replacement Instructions by JohnMichael
VF Engineering Rear Mount Installation Instructions by WD40
VF Engineering P/S Mount by honhon
Water Pump Replacement Instructions by Rabbitccc
Zetec Alternator Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Zetec Engine Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions
Zetec Oil Pan Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions
Zetec Stock Throttle Body Porting Instructions
Zetec Timing Belt Replacement Instructions by lhc_focus
Zetec Water Pump Removal Instructions by grimple1
Zetec Windage Tray and Oil Pickup Installation Instructions
Zetec IAC Cleaning

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Exterior Modifications and Articles

Exterior Body Components and Exterior Cosmetic Changes

Aftermarket Hood Installation Instructions
Air Horn Installation Instuctions
Antenna Base Removal Instructions
Antenna Base Removal Instructions by jeff434
Billet Fuel Door Installation Instructions
Body Kit Installation Instructions
Bumper Cover (Front) Removal Instructions
Bumper Cover (Rear) Removal Instructions
Custom 08 Grill by BradWhite
Debadging Your Focus Instructions
Debadge Trunk Trim (05-07) by NeweracapMAN
Duratec Valve Cover Painting Instructions by zx3frenzy
Engine Bay Painting Instructions
Fender Removal Instructions
Ford Edge Wiper Fix by xtremepitbull
General Automotive Painting guide by Norcalfocus01
Grill and Headlight Removal Instructions (2008 Focus) by BradWhite
Hatch Trim (Chrome Hatch Strip) Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Home Depot Grill (00-04) models by norcalfocus01
Hood Scoop (Cutting Stock Hood) Instructions by sonicblue02
Lambo Door Installation Instructions by brandon0133
M3 Side Mirror Wiring Diagrams and Information
Mach 1 Lip on 2005+ Focus by eazyrider_tim
Make Your Own Shorty Antenna Instructions
Mazda Tribute Door Handle Swap
Minor Paint Touchup Instructions
Paint Chip Repair by Tom
Paint Eyebrows (2005-2007) by Sn4ckM4st3r
Paint your Headlights (2005) by HeelToe
Painting Exterior Trim Instructions
Painting Hatch Trim Strip by Alghorhythm
Painting Side View Mirror Caps by Algorhythm
Rear Lift Gate Handle Swap Instructions
Redline QuickLIFT Hood Strut Installation (2005+)
Removal Techniques for 3M attached Ventshades (or anything with the 3M tape)
Removing Mirror Caps by norcalfocus01
SAP Black Lip DIY by kauffersZX5
Side Mirror Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Splash Guard Installation Instructions
SVT Lip on Any Non-SVT by Sn4ckM4st3r
Valve Cover Painting Instructions
Zetec Spark Plug Wire Cover Installaton
Zetec Valve Cover Painting Instructions
VHT Niteshades Tails by Sn4ckM4st3r
SVTF Wrapping the Header by HaveBlue83

Lighting System Changes and Cosmetic Lighting Modifications

08 Headlight Baking Recipe by BradWhite
08-11 OEM Fog Light Install by VonKrause
Alternative to Lamin-X (Yellow Fogs Do It Yourself) Article
Cling Tinting Side Marker Instructions
Clear Corner Installation 2005+ Focus by zx360
Daytime Running Fog Light Modification Instructions
Do It Yourself SVT Style Headlight Painting Instructions – 2000 to 2004 Focus
Do It Yourself SVT Style Headlight Painting Instructions – 2005 Focus
Ebay Halo Projector LED Replacement by scrammer
Ebay Projector HID Installation by ford525
Ebay Projector Wiring Diagram by Yocrew
Euro Grill Upper Light Modification Instructions
Euro Orange Indicator to White Indicator (Headlight) Mod
Euro Taillight Wiring Guide
Euro Turn Signals to Fit US Spec Bulbs and Sockets by volcomstone1966
European-Spec Tails - Made Simple
Fender Bulb Replacement
Fog Light Accent Lights by momsgonnafindme
Fog Light Mod (2005) by Tom
Fog Lights (with Highbeams) 2007 by goodnight2u2
Front Indicator Lamps
Halo (05-07) Projector CCFL Transformer Replacement by DarkFire1986
Halo Wiring Guide
Headlight (2008) Baking Recipe by [i[BradWhite[/i]
Headlight Restoration Kit Use by dubalicious
Installing Clear Corners
Installing Mach Audio Headlights
Independent Fog Lights Modification Instructions
License Plate Bulbs Replacement Instructions
Make Your Own Fog Light Harness by norcalfocus01
Rear Bulb Replacement
Resealing Exterior Light Housings – Removing Fogging/Moisture Instructions
Retro-Fit Stock Headlights with Projectors by Sn4ckM4st3r
Reverse Switch Replacement (MTX75) by jetrinka
Separate Rear Blinker From The Stop on Hatchbacks
ST170 Headlight Installation Instructions
SVT Foglight Painting and/or Colored Fog Light Instructions
SVT Foglight Protextion w/Lexan by ..:: sleestak ::..
SVT Replacing High Beams in HID Housing
Sedan Taillight Modification Instructions
Upper Grill Lights Modification Instructions
Fog Light Installation - 2013 S Model by Chaddz3

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Interior Modifications and Articles

Electrical Related Modifications including ICE
Adding 12v Power To Your Door Mods by devil_dog_switch
Adding an OEM Tach Cluster on a 2005 Focus
Adding a 4 Channel Amp to a Stock Headunit by jmanpc
Aftermarket Tach on a 2.0L Duratec Installation Instructions
Audiophile Enclosure Upgrade Instructions
Ashtray Switch Panel (for neons, LEDs, etc) by OrangeSVTguy
Blaupunkt MP3 Wiring Diagram
Carputer IR Crossover/Linearization Design by WuNgUnSVT
Colored Odometer and Needles Modification Instructions
Complete Dash Color Change Modification Instructions
Door Chime Mod (Silence)
Door Panel Removal and Speaker Installation by StevenFocus
Door Switch SVT Lighting Instructions by Rudel
Drilling out Ignition Cylinder After Lockup and Replacement
Easy Trunk Lighting Upgrades by devil_dog_switch
FC Gauges with Contour Needles by Superflea
Foam Speaker Baffles in Front Doors by MisterJohnson
Gauge Cluster Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions – 2005 Focus
Gauge Face Installation Instructions
Glow Gauge (6 Color) Installation Instructions
Hardwiring Radar Detector Instructions
Hatch/Truck Area Lighting Upgrade by SkaAddict
Heated Seat Repair Instructions by SiGuyUWP
Heater Blower Resistor Information
Indiglo Odometer Trick
Instrument Cluster Removal (2005+) by BiggTigger78
LED Vent Lighting Instructions
Light Up Door Handles by devil_dog_switch
Light Up Speakers by devil_dog_switch
Make a MP3 Harness
Make a Speaker Enclosure
Make your own O2 Cheater/MIL eliminator by R3d_RovrZX3
Make your own S2 (Red) Dash Needles
Needle Calibration
Odometer Blue LED (or whatever color) by c.ohamara_86
Oil Pressure Gauge Install Instructions
PATS Light (Red) to (Blue) by OrangeSVTGuy
Power Window and Locks Lights in the Buttons – Hook up Instructions
Radar Detector Wiring Modification Instructions
RS Center Console and Starter Button Installation Instructions
SPAL Power Window Installation Instructions by Roland07
Speaker Wire Colors
SPI Oil Pressure Gauge Installation Instructions
Start Button Installation Instructions
Stock Stereo Removal Instructions
SVT Aftermarket Deck W/Stock Sub Wiring
SVT Heated Seat Switch Fix by OrangeSVTguy
Tach Driver Installation Instructions
Turn Your Driver's Side Vent into a Guage Pod by pistolgripbmx
TripTunes Install by 02SilverSVT
ZX3 Power Window Regulator Install by SVTF4243
2013 Focus, Sony 10" Speaker Sub Mod by Now534

Non-Electrical Modifications

’A’ Pillar Gauge Pod Installation Instructions
A/C Vent 00-04 To Gauge Pod Instructions by volcomstone1966
Aftermarket HVAC Knob Installation Instructions
Aftermarket Pedal Installation Instructions
Alternator Clip How-To
Back Seat Delete Instructions by ..:: sleestak ::..
Center Console & Dash Removal Instructions – 2005 Focus
Cluster Ring Mod by norcalfocus01
Complete Dash Removal Instructions
Custom Door Sill Plate by CJohn364
Cutting ATX Shifter Shaft Down Instructions
Cutting MTX Shifter Shaft Down Instructions
Door Panel Insert Replacement and Recover
Door Panel Removal and Speaker Installation by StevenFocus
Door Sill Installation Instructions
E-brake Handle Installation Instructions
Fiberglass Gauge Pod Making Instructions
Front Door Panel Removal Instructions
Gear Shifter Surround Installation Instructions
Glove Box Removal Instructions
Gear Concepts Pedal Installation Instructions
Headliner Removal Instructions
Headliner Removal & Painting Guide by dorfeater
Interior Panel Removal (2006 ST) by edgofrea1ity
Lowering The Armrest by NA_Built
Manual Window Crank Handle Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions
Painting Interior Trim – Prepping Instructions
Painting Interior Trim – Painting Instructions
Painting Interior Trim by maul
Passenger Dash Panel Removal (08-09) by 08xcel
Rear Quarter Interior Trim Removal Instructions
Rear Seat Cargo Mode Instructions
Removing 2008 Ford Focus Stock Radio
Removing and/or Reinstalling the 'Oh S**t Handles'
Removing Glued Instrument Cover and Custom (Metal) Gauge Bezel Installation Instructions
Repair Broken Plastic Tabs (Speaker Grill) by MisterJohnson
Reverse Lockout Removal Instructions by cruzstyle
Shifter Boot Installation and/or Removal Instructions
Shift Knob and Boot on ATX Instructions
Show Your Audiophile Who's Boss/CD Error
Spedometer Bezel Dual Gauge Setup by redsleeper
Stereo HU Bezel Removal Instructions 2000-2004
SVT Dead Pedal Install (Redlinetuning) Installation Instructions
SVT Ebrake Install Instructions by CheckMyVitals
Swap in Tilt Steering Column/Replace Clockspring
Turn Signal Silencing How-To by W~Phoenix~{RC}
Tweeter Mounting for Manual Windows
HOW TO-Make custom inserts for door panels by Davey Boy
How To: Change SVT Gauge Color by mtothaj

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Suspension, Brakes & Wheel Modifications and Articles

Braking System and Wheel Components

Brake Caliper Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Brake Disc Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Drum Brakes Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Brake Pads (Rear) Removal and/or Reinstallation Instructions
Brake Painting (Very Detailed) by ShamrockSVT
Brake Shoe Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Brake System Bleeding Instructions
Extensive Suspension Overhaul by SuperFlea
Front Wheel Lug Stud Replacement Instructions
Painting Rear Drums Instructions
Painting Stock Rims Instructions
Rear Brake Squeal Fix Solution
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement by Superflea
SVT Brake Swap Information
SVT Read Brake Swap by focuzed1
Wheels and Tires Information
Wheel / Rim Painting (Very Detailed) by ShamrockSVT
SVT Focus Rear Brake replacement by TukaniSVT

Suspension System Components

Front Control Arms Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
Front Sway Bar Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
FS Rear Strut Bar Installation by old_grendel
Inner Tie Rod Replacement Instructions
Lowering Springs Installation Instructions written by ZXthrizzle05
LPE Rear Shock Mount Shims Installation Instructions
Massive's New Rear Sway Installation by trailbikerider
Progressive Rear Sway Bar Installation Instructions
Prothane Rear Sway Bar Bushings (SVT)
Rear Camber Bolt Installation Instructions
Rear Stress Bar Installation by Spinal
Rear Upper Camber Arms and Camber Bolts by SkyPilot
Reinforce your Rear Lower Control Arms by honhon
Shocks and Struts Removal and/or Replacement Instructions
SVT Lower Moter Poly Insert by svtautox
Sway Bar End Link Replacement Instructions
The Official Suspension Thread by TheFrush
The 'Suspension' Bible (Very Informative)
Upper Strut Bar Installation Instructions
Front Lower Stress Bar Installation by SMITHBOY76908

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FF Members........

If you have written, posted, etc any new HOW TO's and would like them added to the archive, or if you have found any other HOW TO's on various other focus sites, please message one of the moderators and they will get it added into the archive.
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