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Bypassing the fuel pump INERTIA SWITCH

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I have seen references to bypassing this footwell switch but not the mechanism to do so. Can someone tell me if jumping the two wires together is the way to do this? Or grounding one or both of them? Or maybe leaving them open (disconnecting the switch) is the way to bypass?

Please help. I have intermittent starting problems with my '02 SVT and this switch does not give me any positive feedback on whether it depressed or not. I'd just as soon be without its function.

Thanks- Dave
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If the switch is the same in all Ford vehicles ( I assume it is ), The switch is normally closed, It is open when triggered. I learned this when going into turn 1 at Road America with my 95 Probe GT. With race tires under heavy braking it would set the switch off. I had to connect the wires together to keep it from happening.
I have to kinda agree with wsigo. I doubt the switch is your problem. Before you cut into the wiring, just make a simple jumper wire with some male spade terminals just to check the switch next time it doesnt start. The car I bypassed on was a track car only.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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