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Buying back the EAP Competition Orange SVTF 3-Door I sold in 2015!

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Sold the car on ebay in 2015 and they called me and said I got 1st dibs to buy it back! I think I had it 4-5 years...getting old, can’t remember LOL! I know that it was in the best of hands the last 7 years but they are selling as the engine has low compression and high oil consumption. I suspect bent valves on the compression and who knows what on the oil consumption. I intend to fully rebuild the engine. When I had it I put in new pistons and had Diamond build me some forged pistons for it. Unfortunately, that engine started using a lot of oil and they replaced it with a junkyard SVT engine and threw the one with the Dimond pistons away...
They replaced the Koni’s I had on it, the single mass flywheel with Kevlar clutch, the Eibach sway bars, and removed the tribal stripes that were on it when I bought it (yea!) and put on all OEM parts which I am happy they did.
This is an ABSOLUTELY rust free SVT Focus. I will drag my trailer to the midwest 2nd week of August and bring it back to Arizona and get right on fixing’ what needs to be fixed.
As I race in NHRA Stock and Super Stock, and I can’t leave any stone left unturned, I’ll probably have another set of pistons made by GibTech with a custom set of Gapless Total Seal Rings along with various coatings to the piston skirts / crowns and ring lands, rings and bearings, index and equalize the crankshaft stroke, deck the block, etc., while keeping the rest of it stock. Will do light porting of the cylinder head and performance valve job (doubtful I will put a CAT CAM in but I’ll look at their smallest offering).
Yes, I’ve read all through the internet and everyone will tell me I’m wasting time and money but the thrill for me has always been having engines that far exceed expectations.
Anyway, 2-weeks to go and pick it up as I am in process of replacing the front timing set on my ’05 Expedition 5.4 next Saturday and just ordered new trailer tires last night.
Here’s before and current pictures of the car:
Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle Tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Car Automotive design

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle
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