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Buying a motor this weekend (need advice)

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As I am pretty new to the Foci world I'm not up on the issues and the things to watch out for that every different make and model usually has (example: my old civic and it's rusty quarters). So I thought I could get some tips on what to look for buying a motor, or maybe I should steer away from certain code numbers ect. Anyways, I found a 2001 Zetec for my SPI wagon that includes the trans, wiring, computer, gauges and ignition for a resonable price and wanted to make sure it was worth picking it up. Apparently the motor has only 7000kms on it and the gauges read that (don't know how else I could proove it). So lastly my other concern is can I use the auto trans in my focus now on the Zetec motor or is the transaxle completely different (hence possibly having to get the axles aswell? I plan on getting urethane mounts so I dont care about getting those from the seller. I know this would all be much easier with a donor car but that's to much moula and I got this set-up on the cheap if I buy it.

Cheers, Mike.

Sorry if that ran on a bit.
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I have no problem with manual, it's my wife that can't drive manual and this being her car (so she thinks for now) it's gonna have to stay auto. I've got alot of plans in my head right now (supercharger mainly) and I think I might like to try out a beefed up tranny with a Lentech converter and valve body since I can't change the trans.
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