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Built Turbo ZX3 problems

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2000 built ZX3, Comp turbo, return style fuel w/aeromotive A1000, tuned by Tom w/XCAL 2 and a bunch of other parts.

Some of you may remember me if you've been on the board for years past, but some of new guys may not, I joined the navy and have moved around a lot and met a lot of wonderful focus groups in the past 5 years, and everywhere I go, I take my baby with me. I haven't been too active on the forum lately but still around for sure!
So there I was, two months ago she died on the way home a block away from the house on one of my sporadic rides around the island. I have an external Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump with an ATL spare tire 12G cell, and I couldn't hear it anymore (it's pretty noticeable when it's on lol) yet I still had dash light and other electronics available. So, I pushed her home and into the garage; I plugged my braille B2015 battery to my tender, as I always do, and the tender aborted the charge and tells me bad battery. I got an RMA from Braille (super nice people btw) and two weeks latter I receive a brand new one back, since it WAS in fact bad.

I installed hoping that the bad battery was the source ( not enough power supplied idk something) but no, no fuel pump sound. Called Aeromotive to find out what the ohms should be to make sure the pump itself is not bad; I test it while I have them on the phone with power directly from the battery and pump works, so it's not the pump.

I pulled out my Ford Service tech manual to test circuitry and relays, nothing found and wasted another day.

At this point, I called Tom to pick his brain about the problem since he has always been helpful in the past. We talked for a while, sent him pictures of the wiring and other parts asked, I wire up the pump on an isolated switch as suggested and now I have -------- in my speedo when I tried to start her up. I called Tom again, on a Saturday afternoon nonetheless, and we start to talk and trouble shoot some more; we checked the interior fuses, voltage on the wirings, grounds, and then he tells me to open the hood fuse panel and check the engine management fuse.....

After calling three different companies, being down for almost two months, Tom still manages to find the solution to my Focus problems even though I'm all the way in Hawaii. I've dealt with many companies and people through my years of car modding and having dumped 10's of thousands in all my vehicles through many years, in between my focus, 335i, '99 wrangler and '09 wrangler ( cuz we love cars and we do it even though we'll never see a financial return from them) it is amazing to know that they are people in the industry that have love for what they do and are willing to go the extra mile to stand by their work.

It has been more than 7 years since I have had a paying transaction with Tom, yet he still finds the time to pick up the phone and answer my email when I ask him for help! And that speaks volume to me.
Props to you, Tom and thanks again.

This post is aimed to assist those who may see this problem in the future and to show appreciation for the help.
To the admins, request you leave this thread in this section. TIA

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Thanks guys!
The street scene is in hawaii is real weak compared to other places I've been in like San Diego, Connecticut, or Miami. They don't have a track here so you know what that means, and the island being only 44 miles long and 33 across, it's not the smartest idea lol
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