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Built 2005 ZX4 for sale

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After many years of enjoyment, it is time for me to depart with the Focus. I found that the #2 cylinder is eating some antifreeze and I have too many competing priorities to justify keeping this car. I have removed the engine and will be parting it out separately. My loss is your gain! At this point, I will see if anyone wants to buy the car as-is without the engine. Here is the list:
2005 ZX4 Manual, no engine.
MTX-75 transmission with Quaife differential
VF Trans Mount
Includes both 2.0 and 2.3 engine mount frames
Lightweight tubular radiator support with integral hood pins(open up lots of space for engine build)
Lightweight hood (stock hood with frame removed, also opens up space)
Stock radiator and fans (good condition)
Functional A/C and Power Steering
SS Braided fuel line (fits stock fuel rail)
Main Fuze box relocated to interior
Evap system removed
FS Werks stealth exhaust system
H&R Coil Over suspension front and rear
Eibach sway bars, welded in rear mounts, heavy duty Moog end-links in front
SS Braided brake lines front and rear
Stock brakes
Kosei K8R 17x7 wheels
ARP wheel studs in front
Full set polyurethane suspension bushings
Turbosmart Eboost2 boost controller with boost by gear (micro-switches in shifter mechanism) works flawlessly
Custom gated shifter mechanism, automatically locks out 1st and 2nd on upshift, impossible to miss 3rd gear
Wideband UEGO controller gauge
Pyrometer gauge
Oil Pressure gauge
Oil Temp gauge
Voltmeter gauge (wired to fuel pump booster)
5 inch tach with shift light
JMS Powermax Fuel Pump Booster
Lightweight bucket seats in front
No Carpet, rest of interior is stock

Price: $2,000
Location: Navarre FL
Person Selling: Myself
Clean title
Let me know if you want any other specific pictures


The aluminum bar is there to hold up the A/C compressor and keep the trans level during transportation. A/C system is still sealed.

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Just a question about the trans (I understand you want to find someone to buy the whole car), but how was the daily driveablility with the Quaife differential? And would you consider selling the trans separarately? Totally understand if the answer is no.

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Awesome, let me know if that becomes a possibility, you have definite interest in the trans with the diff. Have been looking into diffs for a while now that I have all this power to put down.

I did an engine swap on my Focus, and being a rookie, got all excited and did my first startup without any trans fluid in. Trans runs fine but I have some gear noise on deceleration now, pretty sure I messed up my input shaft bearings. Riding it out until it gets worse, but so far no issues besides the noise, knock on wood!

Also before I forget, what is the final drive on that trans? And how many mi on the trans and diff?

thanks a million,

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The final drive ratio is stock. I cant remember for sure, but I think it is 3.82. You should be able to verify by searching this forum for the MTX-75. The trans has over 200K on it and probably about 50K on the diff.
Sounds good. I’d probably crack it open and service the bearings on both shafts, and bearings and seals on the diff for good measure. Let me know if it comes to the point of you selling it separately! Thank you!
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