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I forget the reason but I didnt run. Pasta and I did spectate. Car is all sorted now and Im actually plannimg to turn the power down for street use. If you search Youtube for user NJSVTGUY1 you can see my vids, one has over 36k views.
Last fast run was the 10.8, planned to go faster but E-Town has me on the no-fly list. There is a vid where I run abot 700 ft and shut down and still beat a ZL1, with a tune on slicks. The 10.8 was with a shitty 1.6 60' as was should have been 10.5. Thats at 23 psi, any more would need bigger injectors, pushed these 60 lb's pretty hard, even with the single nozzle Meth kit.

Need to get back to my SC SVT racecar build.
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