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Hey i'm trying to build a focus se racer and i was thinking of some ways to save me some money. i used to race a 97 svt cobra but something came up. i was planning on redoing the car completely 1 day but not for awhile so im trying to do some differn't things on it.

first up i was going to replace the suspension with a suspension from another car like a cobra mustang. and kind of do some "different" things to beef it up. i am also thinking of doing several other things like that by taking parts off of other cars and slightly modify them to fit my focus. some things are:
1. suspension (springs, struts, etc.)
2. fuel injectors(i need larger fuel injectors. like 42lb./hr)
3. throttle body
4. disc brake calipers.
any other items to increase performance.
im trying to save my money for other items like:
1. cylinder head
2. cams
3. turbo
4. intercooler and set up
5. headers
6. computer
and other accessories.
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