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Broken Lock nut Key

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Hi All,

Whilst trying to undo the lock nuts on my wheel so i could change the water pump, i striped the Key completely.

I tried two local tyre places, one tried the reverse tool with a battery powered gun, the other tried hammering a socket over the nut and undoing it. Unfortunately both failed.

Im concerned that the reason the key broke is because the nut is on too tight. I have never had an issue with using the key to undo the nut before, (Mind you the key is 12 years old).

Anyone with any suggestions, it would be appreciated.

Here is a picture of the Locking Nut.

Ohh, the Lock nut set is a Mcgard set, i emailed them and they are seeing what they can do.

Has anyone had any dealings with Mcgard or this kind of situation?
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Another idea would be to use a cutting wheel, and cut a wide deep notch in the top of the nut. then wack at it straight down with a chisel and hammer. Crack the nut (in half, or at least enough to pry/turn it loose) on the wheel?
Cracking the nut might be easier if you super froze it when wacking at it
(carbon dioxide spray etc..)

Cutting down to where you can see the threaded stud. Then put a lubricant in there? (I would use tranny fluid. it really is great) but others would suggest other stuff to help break the grip of the threads.
Also once you have shot to the stud. try cooking the nut with a torch...
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