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Broken bolt on hatch trim strip

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Anyone ever have this happen? I was removing my hatch trim strip (holds the license plate lights) to paint behind it and snapped one of the bolts connecting it to the car. It must have been stuck on a bit of rust or something, but I over torqued it and it just snapped. Any ideas on how to fix this? If I could get the broken "nub" out I could screw a new bolt in, but it's too small to get a good grip on.


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I'm assuming you mean push it through to the other side with a drill bit? Keep in mind I'm a pretty big newb when it comes to this stuff.
well it's not that it's really loose or anything without it, but almost right under that screw is prone to collect water & rust (see my rust repair thread) so I want it nice and tight to try and keep water out
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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