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broke something in suspension maby

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i think i might have broken or torn something up in my suspension or steering from showing my butt a little too much the other night. i got some old thick iron skillets went to a big open parking lot rolled the rear tires onto the skillets yanked the e-brake and proceeded to do some of the greatest donuts and drifts i have ever seen from any car any time ever. i was pulling some serious G's in the donuts and had the wheel cut nearly all the way to the left with the gas to the floor when i had to stop from going off the pavement. i rolled off the skillets and went to leave and when i turned to go out i heard this aweful popping/grinding coming from the front of the car. i prayed that the suspension or steering was just bound up from my cutting up and that it might go away after a day or so. its been 3 and it still is popping/grinding at slow speed sharp turns. like making a 90 degree turn out of a driveway, street, or parking lot. when it pops i dont feel any vibration in the steering wheel. also when slowing down from speed it sometimes pops from the same area. if any1 has and clue what it could be please let me know
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my philosophy is beat it till it breaks and then replace the broken peice of junk with a shiny new performance part. rip out the tranny? RWD conversion. sling a rod? 4.6 or 5.0 conversion. break the suspension buy coilovers. curb a wheel? buy some rims! but seriously tho i need some advice from somebody because i have no problem fixing it i just have a problem figuring out exactly what it is. and i really dont want to get stranded on the side of the road somewhere driving on broken parts. i think it might be the cv joints but i dont know how to check. lemmie know what you think the problem might be and how to check for it. PLEASE!!!!!!
That "disposable" mentality is the same kind of thing that got us all into the current financial crisis -- you sound like you have a lot more disposable income than I have, but what will you do when it runs out?

"Drive it like you stole it" makes for a neat bumper sticker, but "Drive it like you OWN it" is a much better creed to live by in the long run. Even in the world of motorsports, winners and losers can often be separated by those who know how to take care of their machinery and bring it home to victory, and those who obliviously abuse it until it dies (which usually results in a premature retirement from the race and a "DNF" in the win column).

Good luck figuring this one out.
wow man burn me why dont ya. i was just trying to make a funny. just got the focus fixed by the way. cv joints. took me about an hour after i got the parts. thanks for the help
Glad to hear it was a relatively easy fix. I didn't intend to offend -- it's just that when you're dealing with a 7- or 8-year old vehicle in the first place, you've got to take into account things like wear and tear. Older vehicles require a little more care, love, and TLC.

Cars are a bit like horses -- treat them right and they'll treat you right in return.


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