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Got myself a 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 2.0L .

After putting off a brake change for a while, I finally found the time a few weeks ago to change my brakes. I replaced my old ones with some Carquest Gold ones. I made sure to compare the two to make sure the size was right and they were. Everything went off without a problem.

Except, a week later, I started hearing squeaking from my brakes. They happen whenever I drive a low speed or press on the pedal at low speeds. Now, I started hearing groaning that was not there originally, which is getting worse with the squeaking. I took the wheel off yesterday and checked the brake caliber and they were both on tight.

Did I do something wrong when replacing my brakes?

I followed this tutorial exactly:
There could be many reasons for this, you might need to grease the contact points. Or they might need to be broken in.
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