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Brake size question

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After installing 18" wheels, I feel like my brakes work harder to slow the car down. They don't weigh too much more than the stock wheels (Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2). I feel like I have to apply my brakes further away from my stopping point or apply more pressure. Am I crazy in thinking this? There are no problems with my braking system, everything is in working order. The brakes on the car are completely stock and the set that came from the factory. I am assuming it has something to do with the minor increase in weight and the distance from the outer edge of the tire to the center of the hub is increased over stock (I'm no engineer).

I am saving up to buy larger brakes or at least better rotors with a different compound pad. I drive mainly in stop and go traffic (college town). I've talked to Bruce about brake upgrades and I pretty much know what route I am taking.

For future reference, is there a general rule for brake size to be used with specific wheel sizes? I'm thinking the largest diameter brakes that will fit the wheel is the way to go, but I could be wrong.
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Largest that fits is certainly optimum (when the most braking possible is needed).

Ever see the oddball/experimental Cycle wheels that mount the rotor to the rim?

Now THAT is the largest brake rotor you can fit...
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