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My brake lights have gone out and I see there's a plethora of reasons for this (on forum) but I dont' know how much action this forum sees, so I'm going to post cause it's kind of an emergency, and if I find my answer in old posts, I'll delete this post.

2000 4 door Ford Focus SE
No brake lights.

Checked already:
- Swapped out brake light bulbs for parking light bulbs (which are functioning) and the brake light bulb lit in the parking bulb's socket

- I checked fuse number fuse #54 marked "Brake lamps" in my owner's manual and it is connected and not blackened at all, so I guess it's working.

- I have already purchased a new "brake light switch" and replaced that to no avail.

- When I hold the brake light switch in my hand, and it's not next to the pedal, if you relax the switch out completely, the brake light on my passenger side and middle (on trunk lid) both light up. The driver brake light does not. But when I put the switch in place, the pedal has to depress the switch a bit, and then when you press the pedal, it's supposed to push that switch in all the way which I guess then LIGHTS then brake lights....this doesn't happen for me when it's either in the pedal housing or in my hand.

It's not the bulbs, they check out.
It's not the fuse, fuse looks good.
It's not the wiring (at least not the passenger and middle) cause those light up sometimes.

P.S. Possibly related, my driver's side low beam light may have gone out when I was fiddling with the brake light switch. That is the only thing I played with yesterday, and I noticed it was out afterward. I don't know if it was out prior to the fiddling. I may have to buy a new bulb on that one...but I hope not. Is there some way for me to see if it's burned out? Will it be black or something if I pull it out from it's housing?

I know I'm new, but please help, my wife recently took ownership of this car and she was almost rear ended today already!

I'll be sure and post any updates or fixes I've found. Thanks for any help!


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Maybe this will help some , if your trunk space is like my 07 . Pull the panel off the drivers side in the trunk and you may find your connection problems there.

This is my connections in the trunk behind the panel I am talking about , Me and Jeremy (Slocussvt) had to trace my brake light wires down to find out what goes to what for the LED brake lights and resistors that we put in.

If you look to the right in the image you should see a connection plug at the bottom that looks gray . That's where the connection is for me that has all the brake light plugs in it with trunk lights as well

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