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For the past 4 or 5 months I've been receiving a brake light bulb fault message as soon as I hit the brake for the first time upon start up, in my 2014 SE.

I started receiving it intermittently around 9 months ago, maybe once every week to 10 days, but then around June it started up constantly.

When I hit my brakes the driver side brake light does not light up at all. I've replaced the bulb and it did nothing, I switched bulbs out with the other brake light to make sure I didn't receive 2 duds, but still nothing.

I had it at the dealer back in July to replace the TCM and mentioned it to them, but since it's out of warranty they told me it would be over $100 just to run the code. I didn't want to pay this in case it was something as simple as a fuse. Speaking of fuses, I checked pretty much every single one of them, but wasn't entirely sure which one controlled the brake lights. However, since the other 2 work I assume the fuse is fine.

I checked the line for something obvious, but nothing looked abnormal.

Also, this may just be a coincidence, but about a month after that the passenger side window button stopped worked. The passenger can no longer roll their window down at all, though the driver still can. I doubt they are connected, but not sure what would have caused this issue.

My passenger side front parking light also went out a few weeks ago too, though I haven't done anything with that so could be something as simple as the bulb burnt out.
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