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I bought the brake fluid bleeder from focus sport and thats makes it way easy. Just pump it up to about 10-15psi, then unscrew the bleeder screws on each tire. This is for a 2005 zx3 but I imagine it would be mostly the same for any other car. Just remember to do the bleed from farthest to closet tire to the brake master cylinder. honsetly its takes more time to take your tires off than to bleed the brake. Theres probably a how to if you look for it in the forum.

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Its easy. Have a helper.

Basically you will bleed the brakes in this order.

Passenger rear, Driver Rear, Passenger Front, Driver Front

-Remove the wheel to bleed the respective brake.
-Remove Cap off fluid resevoir and make sure its topped off with fresh fluid
-Have friend depress brake pedal and hold it there making sure he doesn't let off till you tell him "ok"
-Loosen bleeder nipple
-Old fluid will be pushed out by your friends pressure on the pedal. The pedal will go to the floor and this is ok. Just make sure he keeps it there till you say "ok."
-Close the bleeder nipple
-Tell your friend "ok." He can not lift up his foot.
-Repeat this process of depressing the pedal, opening the valve, closing the valve, and lifting off the pedal till clean fluid comes out. And make sure to always keep the resevoir topped off during this process making sure it never gets low. It is handy to have another friend do this job and constantly make sure its full.
-Repeat all of the above in the order given at the very top and you should be golden.

And make sure to torque all the lug nuts back down exactly to spec. This is important on our cars as the rotor is held flush to the hub by the lug nuts and any deviation on torque between them can cause the rotor to wear unevenly.

Happy times!!
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