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So the car on my 2000 zx3 was bad so I ordered a new "direct fit" Bosal cat from rock auto. There are a couple fitment issues, but the biggest issue is the fact that the downstream O2 sensor port is IN the cat between the two substrate layers instead of in the pipe downstream of the cat.
Anyone know if that's an acceptable location for the B1S2 sensor?? Seems like between the heat and exhaust only being half-treated at that point, it's just asking for problems locating the sensor there.
Any opinions before I return it?.. I'm not gonna spend any extra on this one to have another bung welded on when it should have come with the right fittings on the first place lol.
Fyi, I just threaded an old o2 sensor in to check the thread size cause I was going to plug it before I realized there was no other downstream bung.


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