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Hi all.

I'm trying to get an aftermarket stereo in my 2016 ST3 and at the moment have a Nav 8" Non Sony factory system.

Have bought the dash kit from Connects 2 and it comes with all wiring to insert an aftermarket double din, but it needs to plug into the 4.2" screen to work correctly.

I have the smaller screen and all mounting bits, but the car has a wiring harness for the 8" screen, that uses a lot bigger connector than the smaller screen.

Does anybody know if the cable I require is just as simple as a small harness that goes from the CD unit up to the ACM module on the back of the screen, or is it embedded with all other cables in the car?

Not bothered about losing factory options, just want it to work.

I am familiar with Forscan and Focccus to reprogramme as needed. My car doesn't have access to defeat the factory EQ, which is why I am doing all this.

Thanks in advance. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts