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so because of some serious time conflicts with alot of people the date and location big NW G2G the BC guys have been planing has been changed!

the new date and location for the meet will be at Bishopsales ltd. in North Vancouver BC on July 31st starting at 11am and going till 4or5pm before we head out for a little drive up to whistler to enjoy the rest of the nice summer night on a patio with a drink or 2.

Bishopsales will have Hotdogs and Pop on sale and procceeds will go to a local Volunteer program. i will also try and bring the burgers that were such a hit last year!

bishopsales is located at:

1430 Rupert Street North Vancouver BC Canada

at 10:30am there will be a group of BC focus owners waiting at the 176st safeway in Cloverdale just after the truck crossing who will escort all the US guys to Bishops!

for the stragglers of the3 group, once in Canada you need to get on Hwy#1 and head west. you will go through a tunnel and then over the Iron Workers memorial Bridge. at the bottom of taht bridge there is an Exit on the right for Main Street. take it. once on main street go about 3 blocks west and make a right at Harbour Ave and then another 2 blocks and a right at Rupert Street.

if that isn't enough for you, just punch in the address above into this and it will give you a better idea:
if that still isn't enough, using the same url as aboe to get directions, use 111 176st Cloverdale BC as your staring location which is also the truck crossing at the boarder.

pleace copy and paste the following then add your name to the list so we know how many hotdogs, burgers and pop to bring. we want to get an Exact number so nobody is left out so please mention if you are bringing anyone with you!

1. Slyfocus
2. Spanky
3. Moevan01
4. theMeasure
5. Shmee
6. TMB ZX3
7. EnigmaZV
8. FocusSport
9. TimDalton
10. RitzBitz
11. Focus_Sista
12. Davor
13. McSVT
14. Bishop
15. Laurel
16. PimpinTomato
17. DDEG10
18. Kanuck03zts
19. Wobblewobble
20. Byron
21. ZX3Tuning(maybe)
22. Foci4Life(maybe)
23. Rexthespeedster(maybe)
24. ZX3canuck(maybe)
25. Tylerb59
26. htrfocus(maybe)
27. Jay burn(maybe)

a bunch of people from FF and a couple of people from BC that are not on any sites that i know of.

Also don't be afriad to bring your own stuff to eat and drink!

that Pacific NW's new FC dealer willl also be on hand to answer all your questions and even have product on hand to check out and even buy if you so choose!

hope to lots of you guys/girls can make it up!!
any questions please post them!
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