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big project on my focus, some questions

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First off, my name is Justin and I'm new to this forum, so hello everyone.

I've been doing a lot of research but I just can't find decent information regarding what I should do about my transmission.

I have read about the lentech valve bodies for auto trannies, and i've also heard about manual swaps, so my first questions are:

Get a valve body or a manual swap?
Which valve body or manual transmission should i buy?

Here's some more information, I'm planning on putting the gt28r turbo kit in from fswerks and running 6.5-8 lbs of boost. I need this car to last another 40k miles, at least haha
Thanks in advance [8D]
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Moved this to the Forced Induction section, where this question comes up & there are some prev. answers - as well as input from members currently running setups.
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