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best way for xm -> Audiophile radio (using RDS display)?

hi all-

I've read seeral threads on the best way to get xm into the SVTF (and other) Audiophile cd head decks. (or any RDS capable non-xm ready deck)

this method uses the xmdrds100, with an xm direct reciever. the xmdrds100 takes the song, station, artist, etc, and converts it to RDS (ya know- the technology that allows you to see the song playing on normal FM stations).

this link is the crutchfield page, detailing the part-

here is the complete kit (with the xmdirect reciever)

and this page is from the xm web page, describing it-

the xm radio is controlled via the included remote control- so the only thing (theoretically) that you see is the IR reciever (unless its RF)- the rest is hidden-
then you just turn your radio to the pre-selected radio channel, and there is you XM! on the screen you see your xm channel, song title, artist, etc...

however- I havn't found an xmdrds100 out there yet. if cruchfield doesn't have it in stock, chances are it isn't out there-

has anyone played with one yet?

sorry if this has been hashed out a billion trillion times...

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