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Best CAI for 2.0 Duratec

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I was wondering witch is the best filter quality is not an issue as i already have a 3" K&N air filter.

Was just looking at the fswerks and the CFM one dont want to throw $ by the window i know mainly this is an aluminium or steel pipe but as our d20 and d23 are sensible to air turbulance variation from the maf i want to know your opinion.

Mainly i know the design can make a different sound in the cabin ex: full cai vs short ram.

Well i need advice and is this worth it to buy one with insert that can be removed for a dyno tune? is this really worth it ? i only have for now a magnaflow full exhaust?....

Thanks :)
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I have the first generation FSWerks (Focus Sport) cai that uses the stock maf instead of the newer version cai that is just one straight pipe. I recently had a conversation with a fellow focus enthusiast who said that upgrading to a wider 3 inch maf over the stock size made a huge difference in power and low end torque. Love my intake though for now it sounds incredible you can really hear it.
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