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so this should be a view-able google doc that has some LOOSE interpretation of the 2015 rules, thankfully the past couple years ive been doing this it doesn't change all that much.


to be honest i did not create this sheet but i decided id go through it and show what mods are generally useful by personal expirience, general consensus of this forum, and lastly... other autocrosers. THIS IS MK1 FOCUS TAILORED, please take with a grain of salt

"W" means its worth spending the money on
"WWW" means this is almost required to stay competitive
"m" means its probably worth spending the money but don't be expecting miracles.
"IF" means that you probably should spend the money on it IF you've got more mods in that area.
"C" means it can be worth the troubles and money if you do it 'right'
"NO" means you should really save your money
"I" means im interested but couldnt tell you for a fact

anyone who can confirm or deny anything please comment i want to make this as accurate as possible. for any and all interested in joining the sport.
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